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Top 10 love quotes ( top & best love quotes )

Top 10 love quotes ( top & best love quotes )

Top 10 love Quotes

In this topic we write here about top 10 love quotes :–

• “In a world full of noise she/he is my peace.” -love quotes

• “A smile is the prettiest thing you have.” -love quotes

• “I will wait for you, Because honestly i don’t want anyone else.” -love quotes

• “You know what ~ A human heart costs around $1 million and i gave you mine for free.” -love quotes

• “can i borrow a kiss ? i promise i will give it back.” -love quotes

• “I’m going to punch you in the mouth ~ with my mouth, but softly Because i love you.” -love quotes

• “If i could wish for anything on earth, it would be for you to be with me right now.” -love quotes

• “The truth is ~ I’m crazy about you And everyone can see that.” -love quotes

• “Lol ~ today you said hi… to me And i died.” -love quotes

• “You get cuter everyone” -love quotes

top 10 love quotes
top 10 love quotes

Top 10 love quotes :-

• “My head says ‘who cares’ ?, But then my heart whispers you do stupid you do.” -love quotes

• “Hey c’mon, we would look so cute together.” -love quotes

• “She wanted him to notice her so much.” -love quotes

• “I-love-you – *Erases*, I miss you – *Erases*, Can we talk ? – *Erases*, What’s up ? – *Sends*.” -love quotes

• “Nothing is more cute than a shy guy Trying to tell you That he loves you.” -love quotes

• “I am so addicted to the idea of us *being together*.” -love quotes

• “My heart is perfect Because you are inside.” -love quotes

• “I would love to be the person that could make you laugh and smile everyday.” -love quotes

• “Lets flip A Coin Heads – I’m yours Tails – You are mine.” -love quotes

• “I never want our conversations to end.” -love quotes

• “I think you stole my heart can i check your bra ?.” -love quotes

• “I-love-you like A fat kid loves cake.” -love quotes

• “I miss you and I really want to kiss you.” -love quotes

• “I wish that i was what you wanted.” -love quotes

• “You are under arrest for stealing my heart.” -love quotes

Top 10 love quotes :-

• “I want a new life And i want it with you.” -love quotes

• “I pretend to look around But i was looking at you.” -love quotes

• “I’ll be yours forever Just tell me when to start.” -love quotes

• “You are the reason Behind why ❤ I log-in to facebook everyday.” -love quotes

• “Sometimes just hearing your voice is all i need.” -love quotes

• “No chats no messages, But every profile picture of her was saved.” -love quotes

• “I didn’t fall for you, you tripped me.” -love quotes

• “you are my favourite notification.” -love quotes

• “A beautiful smile from your crush is enough to make your day.” -love quotes

• “Nothing touches me deeper than the way Your eyes do.” -love quotes

• “Be with someone who always wants to know how your day was.” -love quotes

• “You are the kind of person I’d make coffee for in the morning.” -love quotes

• “A world of billions But i still only want you.” -love quotes

• “You are the missing piece I’ve been trying to find.” -love quotes

• “Forever is not long Enough with you.” -love quotes

• “I think about you a lot All the time actually.” -love quotes

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