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Love life quotes This Top 25 love life quotes make your life lovely

Love life quotes This Top 25 love life quotes make your life lovely

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love life quotes

There are so many love life quotes here :–

Quote 1 ~
Between me and you .. there is only me
take away the me , so only you remain

Quote 2~
travel brings power and love back into your life

Quote 3~
Go find yourself First
So you can also find me .

Quote 4 ~
If you have much,give of your wealth
if you have little, give of your heart

Quote 5~
If you want to know God
enjoy the company of lovers

Quote 6~
There is a sun
within every person

Quote 7~
speaking the same language is not as powerful
as speaking the language of the heart

Quote 8 ~
In my heart Inside
and out is all Beloved ❤

Quote 9~
Divine destiny knows our fate to the late detail
let our story be told in silent way

Quote 10~
I know You are tired
but trust me this is the way

There are also a lot of so many love life quotes here (11-25) :-

love life quotes :–

Quote 11 ~
All know the way
but few actually walk it

Quote 12~
come out of the circle of time
and into the circle of love

Quote 13~
when you do things from your soul
you feel a river moving in you , a joy

Quote 14~
prayer clear the mist
and brings back peace to the soul

Quote 15~
Through love All pain
will turn to medicine

Quote 16~
You Are hidden from me
but it is you who keeps me alive

Quote 17 ~
Try another way of looking
try you looking and The whole universe seeing

Quote 18 ~
behind every atom of this world
hides an infinite universe

Quote 19 ~
Raise your words, not voice
It Is rain that grows flowers, not thunder ”

Quote 20 ~
I looked in temples , churches & mosques
But i found the divine within my heart ❤

Quote 21 ~
be with those who help your being

Quote 22 ~
Being a candle is not easy
in order to give light one must burn first

Quote 23 ~
A good man complains of noone
he doesn not look to fault

Quote 24 ~
Stop acting so small
you are the universe in ecstatic motion

Quote 25 ~
Doubts and fears
Divide the kingdom.of your heart ❤☮

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